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 World of Warcraft

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PostSubject: World of Warcraft   Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:11 pm

- O que é o World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft, abreviado de WoW por qualquer jogador, é um MMORPG produzido pela Blizzard (produtora de grandes títulos como Starcraft e Diablo) e que foi lançado em 2004 a comemorar os 10 anos de existência da sigla "Warcraft".
É o MMORPG mais jogado em todo o mundo e de momento já ultrapassou as 11,5milhões de inscrições (isto nos servidores originais).
É o quarto jogo da série Warcraft e é o primeiro a deixar a base original do jogo (RTS).
WoW decorre num mundo de fantasia chamado de Azeroth dois anos depois dos acontecimentos de Warcraft III.
Em 2007 recebeu a primeira expansão, Burning Crusade, e em novembro de 2008 recebeu como segunda expansão o Wrath of the Lich King.

- O jogo

Como qualquer outro MMORPG o WoW segue algumas das regras básicas impostas por este tipo de jogo:

- controla-se uma personagem
- faz-se quests como matar um certo numero de monstros, apanhar uma série de items ou mesmo ir até ponto X
- sobe-se de nível fazendo quests e matando monstros
- equipa-se a personagem com uma vasta série de equipamentos (restringidos apenas pelo nível)
- podem juntar-se a outros jogadores para tornar o jogo mais fácil e divertido
- podem lutar contra outros jogadores

- Com que classe posso eu jogar?

Wow oferece uma vasta possibilidade de combinações de personagens e cada classe pode desempenhar mais do que um papel.
Exemplo: Paladin pode tankar, ser healer ou mesmo DPS.

- Druid

Druids are versatile hybrids. They perform different roles using appropriate shape-shifting forms. They can have high armor and rage like a warrior in Bear Form, stealth and fight in melee like a rogue in Cat Form, or heal and nuke with spells in humanoid form. Through talents, they can enhance one or more of these roles and even gain a new form for healing (Tree Form) or nuking (Moonkin Form). With roughly equivalent gear, talents appropriate to the role, and in the hands of a skilled player, they can be just as effective as one of the classes dedicated to each role. They also bring certain additional utility, such as battle resurrection with Rebirth, and emergency or additional healing or tanking, should one of the people filling the primary role die, go offline, or otherwise be unable to fully manage with their role. Certain key differences do still exist, giving them both advantages and disadvantages in any given role.

- Hunter

Hunters are the only class that can effectively use ranged weapons (bows, guns, or crossbows) as a primary source of damage. Very adept at kiting, they have plenty of tools to allow them to avoid melee combat, where they are fairly weak. Hunters may tame many varieties of beasts to serve as combat pets, which along with an array of scouting, tracking, and survival abilities make them excellent solo characters. The three talent specializations for hunters are Marksmanship, Beast Mastery, and Survival.

- Mage

Mages are ranged magic damage dealers with very powerful direct and area effect damage spells, but weak armor and health. They also feature a variety of utility spells, including crowd control, teleportation and group portals to capital cities, and conjuration of food and water. Because of spells with good burst damage, they are often effective at PvP even with their relatively low armor and health. They can specialize through talents into ice, fire or arcane magic, each having different strengths.

- Paladin

Paladins are Holy Warriors and are a hybrid class. They can melee DPS, tank, or heal. Paladins also have very strong group support and buff abilities, arguably one of the best buffing and group support classes in the game. They can wear heavy plate armor and carry shields, but are also efficient single target healers, which combine to produce their renowned durability in combat. With talent specialization and equipment selection, Paladins can fill the role of melee DPS, tank, offtank, or healer and excel when called upon to spot-fill all these roles in a group setting. While Retribution Paladins DPS is less than a Rogue's, they make up for it with their extremely useful utility spells, buffs and auras.
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade With the release of the Burning Crusade, Paladins are no longer exclusive to the Alliance. Blood elves (Horde) can now play as Paladins.

- Priest

Priests can be powerful healers, healing a single character or many allies at once. Priests have a variety of utility spells, along with a few tricks, such as Power Word: Fortitude, Mind Control and the extremely useful Dispel Magic and Cure Disease. Priests can also specialize in offensive shadow magic, gaining the ability to assume Shadowform, and at higher levels regenerating mana quickly for their entire party.

- Rogue

Rogues excel at dealing melee damage and incapacitating their foes, particularly low health and low armor targets such as casters. Stealth gives them a tactical advantage and allows them to start a fight on their own terms. Other important abilities include lockpicking and the handling of poisons. Also, a huge power is the Rogue's ability to stun and incapacitate for a large period of time. This, paired with the rogue's high damage, gives him a huge edge over his opponent. Rogues do not use mana for their combat abilities. Instead they use energy and generate combo points which are used to execute finishing moves.

- Shaman

Shamans are one of the most versatile classes in the game as they can switch seamlessly from offensive caster to healer to melee DPS as needed, though at later levels they often specialize in one of these roles. Shamans can provide good support to a party, with the ability to step in and fill any role that may be lacking at the moment. Their high burst damage and healing also make them quite good at PvP. They are able to drop stationary totems on the ground which provide a variety of effects, many of which are useful to the entire raid. They are unique in that they can provide complete wipe recovery by self-resurrecting and then resurrecting the rest of the party.
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade With the release of the Burning Crusade, Shamans are no longer exclusive to the Horde. Draenei (Alliance) can now play as Shaman.

- Warlock

Warlocks enslave demons and call upon dark magic and curses to dominate and destroy their foes. Like hunters, warlocks employ combat pets, but these are summoned demons rather than tamed beasts. They are primarily ranged magic damage dealers with a focus on damage over time in addition to nukes and AoE, but lack the extreme burst damage capabilities of a mage. Demon pets and fear spells give them a variety of tactical options, and they have several utility spells and abilities, including summoning party members and creating healthstones and soulstones.

- Warrior

Warriors are close-combat fighters and usually fill the role of primary tank or offtank, as they are able to both withstand and inflict fierce physical punishment and have the most versatile means of generating threat and keeping aggro off other characters. They can also contribute very strong melee DPS when needed. Warrior abilities use rage, which is generated by dealing and taking damage, but decays over time while not in combat. Warriors are highly dependent on their gear, as their ability to deal and take damage is controlled directly by the quality and effects of their weapons and armor.

Hero classes

- Death Knight

The Death Knight combines martial prowess with dark, necromantic energies. It is the first hero class in World of Warcraft. Having a non-hero-class character at level 55 or above is (the only) prerequisite to be able to create a death knight. Death knights start at level 55 in a new starting area in the Eastern Plaguelands with multiple spells and abilities ready to use.
They are a hybrid class, able to tank and/or deal damage. They are a melee class with casting abilities like the Paladin, and can raise Undead minions. Although they will have minions, they will not be a pet class, but will use some of their mechanics. They are the only class to use the Rune resource system. It is also notable that Death Knights have their own talent trees comparable to current classes.

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PostSubject: Re: World of Warcraft   Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:07 pm

Este jogo é magnifico. Requer muita prática e conhecimento para as vastas coisas que se possam fazer e mesmo sabendo muita coisa nunca é o suficiente. Muitos pensam que quando se chega ao nível máximo 80 que o jogo perde a sua piada mas quando se chega a essa nível nem metade do jogo exploraste, seja em PVP (player versus player), existem várias battlegrounds onde se juntam jogadores das duas facções onde se combatem entre si, existe o modo Capture the flag, domination, entre outros e com regras feitas pela blizzard sendo cada tipo de modo tem o seu campo de batalha especifico.
Também existe o PvE( player versus enviroment) em que consiste basicamente em matar Mobs. Pode ser feito através de instances/dungeon onde se junta uma party de número máximo de 5 jogadores ou uma raid de número máximo de 40 jogadores onde combatem contra mobs elites( são mais fortes que os normais) e bosses.

Não sei que mais posso contribuir mas se tiverem alguma dúvida não hesitem em colocar, reponderei se souber.

Tenho uma conta no oficial mas de momento a minha conta está congelada porque não comprei o Gamecard bimestral, mas se houver por ai alguem que jogue no oficial eu estou no realm Sivelmoon do lado da alliance, sou um humam mage lvl 60 e dou cabo de todos os que me aparecerem à frente Razz

Era assim que tava o meu mage à uns 2 meses atrás.

e era este o equipamento dele no final do mês passado antes de acabar o meu tempo.

Estava juntar o set/gear de PVP lvl 60 e só me falta 3 peças entre 6. por isso é que voces vêem que o meu equipamento não está uniformizado.

Cumps, |zZ|HS
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PostSubject: Re: World of Warcraft   Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:34 pm

o shadow e o wyse,é que são dos "geeks" do WOW.
o shadow ja me ensinou a entrar no server e ja dei um pequeno giro,mas este mundo não me atrai....
mas se é dos jogos mais jogados no mundo...por alguma razão é.


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PostSubject: Re: World of Warcraft   

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World of Warcraft
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