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 READ before you APPLY

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PostSubject: READ before you APPLY   Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:09 am

as more players start to apply into the clan,we have developed some "rules" that must be followed by any player,so he can apply into the clan.
please read well,to see if u meet the quality's we want inside SCC.

the appliance start from the moment a player do the request,and hes accepted from a admin/mod of forum,the player will be warned the appliance was accepted or not in hes own topic.

to enter SCC u will go into internal votes,and you must have full approval(all members vote yes) or by majority(more then 50% positive votes) in the last case u enter into a trial period of 30 days inside SCC.
you wont be able to see,how the vote is going,and it takes 7 days to close the vote system,so be patient,as soon we know the results,we will transmit you.

read the following paragraphs,you must have this 7 "quality´s",so you can aplly:

1.Excellent Karma
2.Respectful all time,to all players.
3.Good wave,the kind of person we have fun playing with
4.Skills above average,or way above average
5.Honor the tag and the community
6.Minimum age: 16 years
7.Be known by most of SCC members

i wish you good luck to enter this wonderful community,its not easy i must admit,but its the best you can find.
one tip,play with the most members u can find,and please only apply if you know some members well,cause most of the members will vote no if they don't know you (at least i do).

FOR MORE INFO VISIT OUR OFICIAL FORUM: http://cod.sheepcloningcrew.com/

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READ before you APPLY
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