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 xPTo concept and philosophy

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PostSubject: xPTo concept and philosophy   Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:35 am

this is my first forum and the last i hope,cause i don't have much patience to do this kind of stuff.

the xPTo concept is not a strick code,but in the main base,its a multi-gaming community.
its a group of people that that have the same interest of games ,nothing will be taken too seriously except the love for the game and friendship.
there will be a TAG that defines us as a community,it only wears it,the ones who want to,or that are allowed to...

there's no wars or trials and similar,just a good spirit,there's a hardcore group that takes all the decision about all things inside xPTo,and they will always have the final word.


there's only one golden rule : RESPECT for every player inside game.
its not in any way allowed,abuse of word,racism,xenophobic and similar in game or forum.
help the noobs and respect the leets,we were once noobs,and everyone tends or want to reach the leet status.

inside xPTo community,there's a clan in its true form,but with a totally new attitude and concept in game.
the TAG will be represented as SCC: shepp cloning crew
Its a European clan,and u can only enter by direct invitation,or if you aplly, by internal voting of its members.

the main reason there's 2 TAG´S its simple:
-a xPTo its a member of community that carry the TAG over the game he play, doesn't matter the level of hes skill,but the kharma and the person itself.
everyone can join as long they follow the xPTo golden rules,otherwise,he can be banned from forum and tag.

- A SCC its a very good player ,way above average,with excellent kharma and attitude with proofs given in game.
its a restricted club,where only few can enter,and its for all European players who wants and can join.

this topic can have changes and developed as the concept get more mature and worked out,but in basic this is the concept.
sorry for my english or mistakes,but i tryed my best to keep it simple and undestandable.
welcome to xPTo project

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xPTo concept and philosophy
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